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Dearmon Fork Farms is truly a family business that produces quality cattle with sound genetics.


Dearmon Fork Farms is truly a family business owned and operated by Ethan Dearmon, wife Cindy, mother​ Myron and several part time farm hands including grandkids Neilan and Riley Kate.

Located in Washington County in southwest Alabama, dff was originally a commercial operation until 2007 when Ethan purchased his first three registered Simmental heifers. The herd now consists of registered Simmental, SimAngus, Angus and a smaller number of commercial cows.


Our production design utilizes AI with the 7 day co-synch protocol.  Strong emphasis is placed on planned mating with data collection and comparison. This formula delivers high performance calves with optimum expectations and creates the ability to consistently improve the herd genetics.


The success of this work was evident at the 2014 Southern Excellence sale with dff Big Eye A20 ASA #2846869 being the top selling SimAngus bull.  Big Eye A20 ranks in the top 30% Wean and Milk; top 25% Year; top 10% CE, API, TI and Marb; top 3% Doc; top 2% REA and is enrolled in the carcass merit program.

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